Italian passport is one of the world’s most useful, according to an index that ranks how many countries each passport allows you to visit without a visa.

Italy’s passport comes fourth on the 2018 Henley Passport Index, placing it on a par with Denmark, Finland, Spain and Sweden.
Singapore is in 2nd place with 189, while France, Germany & South Korea are 3rd.
Italy’s passport still remains more powerful than one from the UK or US, which have visa waivers with 186 countries, Canadian or Irish passports (185), or those from Australia (183) or New Zealand (182).While an Italian passport will allow you to enter almost any European country you’ll still need a visa to visit Russia, China, India and several other destinations.
Certain countries, including the US, Canada and Australia, don’t ask Italian nationals for a visa but do require them to obtain an electronic travel authorization in advance.