Lake Como is named in Italian “Lago di Como”. It is considered Italy’s most popular lake and it is known for its depth.

The lake has a peculiar shape as it forms an inverted Y, giving it a long perimeter. Furthermore, mountains and hills surround it.
The landscape is simply breathtaking, as there are beautiful villas and resort villages that can be found near to the lake.
Their presence adds a cosmopolitan aura to the place, as many of these dwellings have been designed according to the traditional architecture of the region.
If you are a nature lover, you will love it here. There are good hiking paths that can lead you to magical and not so crowded spots.
Boat trips and other water activities are also available. The prices may vary, as the place is extremely popular especially in summer.
If you want something more reasonable, you may just enjoy the beautiful waters of the lake by swimming. The lake has a great history that many of its tourists ignore. Since Roman times, the lake was a popular getaway from the everyday live.
Many Roman citizens, who had the luxury to travel, were very fond of this place. We should also mention that it has been a top romantic travel destination since then.