Santa Claus is relentlessly trying to get into our European households (mostly through our mailboxes rather than chimneys),

…but Father Christmas, Baby Jesus, Grandfather Frost, and other traditional gift-bringers have managed to fend him off so far (for the most part).
Each country (or region) has its own traditional Christmas-time gift-bringer.
Some of them are quite nice, such as the British Father Christmas, others are outright weird, such as the Catalan ‘defecating log’, but all are equally interesting.
The map shows the gift-bringers’ names with translations, colored by relatedness of the concepts themselves (that is, not by etymological relatedness of the names).
Please note that in many countries, children receive small gifts on the eve of Saint Nicholas Day (on 5 or 6 December). This tradition is not mentioned in the map.

Article by: @JakubMarian