Astronomers have announced a discovery that may have an essential effect on life on the planet Earth. Another planetary system, which is comprised of planets with the size of our planet, which could probably have water and life too.

Well, if this is not enough, this team also claims that the planets’ density measurements indicate that six of them, which are more central, are rocky worlds like our planet.

Three of these planets lie inside the habitable zone of the star. The habitable zone is a region that surrounds the star which could theoretically possess liquid water, meaning that the three alien worlds can have whole water oceans, which dramatically increase the possibility that there can be life.

However, the rest of the planets are not believed to hold water oceans, although the team stated that water was still possible in all those worlds.

This new system is about 40 light-years far away. From a cosmic point of view, this is around the corner. However, practically speaking, we will need hundreds of millions of years to get to it with the technology of nowadays, but still, what is notable about it is that it represents the possibility of potential for life, just like this on our planet.