Water levels expected to rise again in Venice on Friday 19/11/2019. Venice is braced for another exceptionally high tide as the lagoon city struggles to cope with the worst floods in more than 50 years.

Weather forecasters expect water levels to peak at 160cm at 11.20 on Friday morning before dropping to 110-120cm over the weekend.
This is far above the more normal high tide levels of 80-90cm which is generally seen as high but manageable, according to Reuters.
Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro said via Twitter on Friday that he has decided to close St Mark’s Square due to fresh flooding in the city.
The city has been brought to its knees after suffering its second-worst floods on record this week, with the high-water mark reaching 187cm on Tuesday.

The cost of the damage, which did not spare St Mark’s Basilica, is estimated to run into hundreds of millions of euros and it prompted the central government to declare the city in a state of emergency on Thursday.
The water level had dropped down significantly but it went back up to 154cm on Friday morning before slowing receding. As a result, water bus services were suspended and the city’s Palazzo Ducale museum was closed too.