After a peaceful night in the complex, characterized only by moderate physiological shocks, the earth has returned to tremble in Albania and in Italy.

At 11.52 a new strong shock occurred which, according to the first provisional data coming from the EMSC seismic center, reached the magnitude 5.2R.
Epicenter of the earthquake in the Adriatic Sea, about 4-5 km north-west of Durres, while the hypocenter was located about 10 km deep.
The Earthquake was strongly felt throughout Albania, between Durres and Tirana, where research is still underway for those missing under the rubble. Probably this new shock will cause an interruption of research due to security reasons.

There are no new damages to things or people. The earthquake was felt in Salento, Brindisi and Lecce, while milder tremors were felt in Bari and Taranto.