The perfect afternoon delight, this feather-light pistachio cake is a great all-rounder and makes the perfect treat for afternoon tea, breakfast and dessert alike. Cut it into squares, make a large pot of tea and sit back and enjoy.

Ingredients Crust:
350g cocoa cookies 12oz – 32g granulated sugar 1.13oz – 75g melted butter 2.65oz
Ingredients Cream:
200 g ricotta 7.05 oz – 60 g powdered sugar 2.1 oz – 200 g whipped cream 7.05 oz
Mousse Pistachio:
135 g pistachio cream 4.76 oz – 315 g granulated sugar 11.11 oz
330 g whipping cream 11.64 oz – 9 g gelatin sheets 0.32 oz – 6 eggs.

Pistachio Glaze:
108 g water 3.8 oz – 106 g granulated sugar 3.74 oz
148 g glucose syrup 5.2 oz – 11 g gelatin sheets 0.38 oz
85 g condensed milk 2.99 oz – 20 g whipping cream 0.7 oz
20 g pistachio cream 0.7 oz – 143 g white chocolate 5.04 oz

Crust: Combine cocoa cookies crumbs with sugar and butter, press onto bottom of 24cm (9 inch) springform pan and store in the fridge.

Ricotta Cream:
Sift the ricotta, add the sieved sugar.
Combine with whipped cream to obtain a soft and silky cream.
Pour the ricotta cream onthe crust and place into the fridge.

Mousse Pistachio:
Beat egg yolks with sugar for 10 minutes until creamy.
In the meantime let the gelatine rehydrate in the cold water.
After it has completely soaked, squeeze it with your hands and make it completely dissolve in a cup with a little bit of warm milk.
Slowly drip the milk-gelatine mix into the egg cream.
Add the pistachio cream, while continuing to mix it with a whisk.
Whip the cream and the egg whites separately and add them to the pistachio cream, stir with gentle movements from the bottom to the top.
Spread the pistachio mousse over the ricotta cream and put in the freezer.

Pistachio Glaze:
Soak the gelatine sheets in icy water.
Melt the white chocolate at 45°C (113°F).
In a saucepan put water, sugar, and glucose and heat up to 103°C(217.4°F).
Remove it from the heat, add the condensed milk, the hydrated squeezed gelatin, making sure that it is completely melted and then the whipping cream.
Pour over the melted white chocolate together with the pistachio cream and emulsifying everything with an immersion mixer, avoiding the incorporation of air bubbles and filtering.
Leave it to rest in the fridge for 10-12 hours.

Heat the glaze to 35°C (95°F).
Remove the frozen cake from the springform pan.
Glaze the cake, allow to cool and decorate with sweeteneddried orange slices.
Wait for the cake to thaw in the fridge before tasting it.