Several areas on high alert as severe Weather continues to batter Italy, after a weekend of heavy rain and high winds in many regions.

Severe floods are impacting areas in southern Italy today, with videos posted to social media showing floodwater swirling through streets. Italian Coastal areas are at the highest risk of violent storms.
According to extreme threat warnings for flash flooding andstrong windsin southern Italy are in place until November 26th.
Numerous roads and motorways in these regions are closed, or experiencing delays and heavy traffic, mainly due to localized flooding or fallen trees. A 30-meter section of highway along a viaduct near the flooded Italian coastal city of Savona collapsed, leaving cars perched perilously on a precipice.
A 52-year-old woman found dead on her car by the flood of the Bormida river. About 520 people avacuated in Piedmont, due to the strong wave of bad weather, have had to leave their homes for safety reasons.

This level of rain has triggered flash flood warnings for Sicily, Calabria, Puglia and Sardinia, with excessive floodwater already impacting Sicily and Puglia.
The system, known as Medicane, has drifted across the Mediterranean Ocean, sparking flash floodings in Tunisia and Lybia earlier this week.