Animals, unlike us humans who most often put pride and ego before gratefulness, they never forget to show us appreciation if one did something nice for them.

And to prove that, we’ll show you this poor kangaroo, Abi,  who was rescued by some volunteers in Australia. A series of Youtube videos show the thirteen-year-old female kangaroo, named ‘Queen Abi’, giving hugs to her rescuers.
Queen Abi starts her day by hugging the caring people who look after her at the Kangaroo Sanctuary, located outside of Alice Springs.
This place provides specialized care to kangaroos, rehabilitating orphaned joeys from the hunting and helps them entering the wilderness. Abi lost her mother when she was only a few months old. Thankfully, the volunteers were very welcoming for little Abigail.
Chris Brolga, the founder of the non-profit sanctuary, founded Kangaroo Sanctuary after realizing the nearest wildlife rescue center and a hospital was over 1,500km away. His NGO has 188 acres of land, a rescue center, and provides tours to visitors.

Abi has been living in the sanctuary for over a decade now, and he has developed a special relationship with her rescuers. Kangaroos are known to have long memories and have on occasion been noted to form special bonds with human caregivers, who usually have to have almost daily contact with them.
Nowadays, Queen Abi is just as joyful and loving as it was several years ago, and her regular massive sniggles are her way of showing how grateful she is.