Residents in Italy are singing, dancing and playing music from their balconies and windows to boost morale amid their countrywide quarantine.

The phenomenon seemingly began on a deserted street in Siena, Tuscany where a video emerged of people singing a popular folk song down a deserted street.
Since then, videos have continued to emerge of residents all over the country joining in with the show of solidarity and positivity.

At the start of the chain of videos the twitter user posted: “Italians in lockdown all over Italy are keeping each other company by singing, and playing music from the balconies. A thread to celebrate the resilience of ordinary people.”
Social media users have championed the positive attitudes with one commenter branding the videos as “humanity at it’s finest”.

The death toll from the coronavirus outbreak rose to more than 1,000 in Italy, and officials confirmed cases increased to over 15,000 on Thursday.