Earthquake shocks were recorded by the Geophysical Institute of Volcanology with its epicenter in Menfi (Sicily), between last night and this morning.

The seismic swarm (magnitude between 1.4 and 2.5) was also felt in Sciacca.
Several people went out into the street. The Civil Protection of Menfi has been alerted. There is no damage to people or things.
08:49:13 2.3R 6 km E Menfi
07:55:37 1.2R 6 km E Menfi
04:55:15 2.0R 7 km S Menfi
23:44:53 1.3R 6 km E Menfi
23:35:08 2.1R 6 km E Menfi
21:43:08 2.2R 3 km E Menfi
21:03:27 1.4R 7 km E Menfi
20:57:49 2.5R 5 km E Menfi