Il Palagio is the very definition of a beautiful Tuscan estate in Italy. It’s a 400-year-old villa, about an hour south of Florence City (Firenze).

Sting owns the place, along with his wife, Trudie Styler. And what do they love about the place? “Just about everything,” she said.
For Sting and Styler, it’s a summer house for their growing family.  But you, too, can stay here – it’s available to rent for weddings and birthdays.
Even the honeybees (where the chestnut groves foster the bees’ chestnut honey) are living the high life. It’s all a long way from the couple’s working-class roots.
Sting has recorded four albums at the villa. He has a new one coming out this week, “My Songs,” with a world tour to follow. At age 67, slowing down his tempo is not an option, even though he’s is now a grandparent.
“I’m a grandfather 6 times. I never anticipated it, stupidly. Even though I’ve got 6 children, never thought they would have children. That’s how dumb I am!”

This summer, the family will gather once again at the villa. James the butler will show off the spread. And the 400-year-old spirit of Il Palagio will live on.