Two strong explosions occurred around dawn on the Stromboli volcano. The roars were felt distinctly by the local population, to the point of waking up several inhabitants of the Aeolian islands in Italy.

From the summit area of ​​the volcano a large column of black smoke has risen, visible from a great distance. The products generated by the explosions fell throughout the crater terrace and along the sciara del fuoco.

From a seismic point of view, a short sequence of explosive events and an increase in the amplitude of the volcano tremor were recorded.

The phenomenon did not cause any harm to people or things. However, there was no lack of fear, with the mind that immediately returned to the violent explosions that occurred in 2019 causing much damage and 1 victim and two injured.

The situation and the evolution of the state of the volcano are constantly monitored by the national institute of geophysics and volcanology (INGV).