The earth is also shaking in Italy, where some shocks have been felt over the past few hours. In particular, a strong M 4.0 shock affected Calabria this morning and was clearly felt between Crotone and Catanzaro.

New strong earthquake after a while, clearly felt by the population. According to the INGV, the earthquake shock had an M 3.9. The fact is that the shock was close to the fourth degree and was clearly felt for about 100 km. Earthquake located 5 km E of Crotone (62178 inhabitants), 55 km E of Catanzaro (90612 inhabitants), 76 km E of Lamezia Terme (70714 inhabitants), 83 km E of Cosenza (67546 inhabitants). The shock, felt intensely throughout the Ionian belt of Calabria, was followed by another of magnitude 2.2.