If you want to discover the magical beauty of Cinque Terre with minus tourists you just have to visit the most quite and unspoiled place of the region, the Lerici.

Similar in size and feel to the towns in Cinque Terre, this amazing fishing village is painted in the same gorgeous colors.
This rainbow town has its own amazing beach and dock, with hundreds of little fishing boats and sail boats that are floating on the water and the imposing castle guards them from high above.
The 5 towns of Cinque Terre are all connected by one train line.
However Lerici is not on this train line, which prevents the inundation of tourists. In fact, there’s not even a direct train that goes to Lerici but you can get there by bus, which is pretty easy.
In this amazing place there are some really nice restaurant to eat, such as En Tragia which is about a 3-minutes walk outside the Lerici center.

When visiting the Cinque Terre region, it is better to stay in the port town of La Spezia, the capital of the area and the biggest city of the province. It is also less tourist-driven and more of a local city.