Mosaics and columns in St Mark’s have been damaged by recent flooding in Venice, the Procuratorate of the basilica said on Tuesday. It said it would still take some time to assess exactly how much damage had been caused by the saltwater.

But it was already clear that some of the mosaics on the floor of the storied church had been damaged to some extent. These included one of two peacocks and another one showing a flowered carpet.
The base of some columns has also been clearly damaged, the Procuratorate said. Some of the marble had partially crumbled. The peacocks are in the basilica’s right nave, in an area where tourists do not usually go.
The flowered carpet, which is in a zone of tourist passage, has now been covered with a rubber carpet to protect it from the dirt brought on passing tourists’ shoes. “Assessments are being made,”. He said the floor had risen in some points and, after swelling, had shed some pieces of mosaic,