A group of four university students were on the receiving end of this outrageous bill at Osteria da Luca in the ‘Floating City’ (Venice) in Italy!

Even at a restaurant in close proximity to Venice’s heavily-touristed St. Mark’s Square, a check totalling €1,143 for such a modest meal is sure to raise eyebrows.
Once the students returned to Bologna, where they’re studying, they lodged a formal complaint with police using their copy of the credit card receipt as evidence.
Osteria da Luca now faces fines of at least €20,000. Grounds include infractions of health and safety,  food hygiene regulations & violation of the commercial code.Venice mayor Luigi Brugnaro tweeted earlier this week that officials would “thoroughly examine this shameful episode” and if it was verified, “do all we can to punish those responsible. We are for justice, always!”