Video of probably one of the funniest to appear on Youtbe. This an old joke, but we believe is very funny and can be watched again and again!
For those who do not know Italian, this is how it goes.
Man on the motor bike, asks the farmer resting on the grass if he could tell him the time: the farmer replies, sure, it’s 5.35. Thank you, but are you sure, the farmer, has another look, yes, 5.35, 5.36.The scene changes and the man on the motor bike on his way back, surprised of seeing the farmer on the same spot, he stops and asks him:
Good man, I see the little donkey is still eating. Could you tell me the time again? Sure, the farmer replies, it’s 7.15.
The rider, is shocked, he sees the man is not looking at his watch, so how does it know? He tells me, wow, you are absolutely spot on. It’s 7.15 on the dot. But how do you do it?? And we will stop here…enjoy.