A new disturbance from North Africa will take tomorrow to the Mediterranean and will cause precipitations, even intense and stormy ones, on Sardinia. The winds from the northern and eastern quadrants will strengthen on Liguria.

The weather phenomena, impacting on the different areas of Italy. The warning includes from late evening today, December 3, gale winds or strong gales from the northern quadrants over Liguria, especially in the central-western areas.
From tomorrow, Wednesday 4, rainfall is expected on Sardinia, especially on the southern or eastern sides; the phenomena will be accompanied by heavy rain showers, local hailstorms, frequent electric activity and strong gusts of wind.
Moreover, strong or stormy winds are expected tomorrow, with gusts of strong storms, on Sardinia and on the southern and eastern sectors of Sicily, with possible storms on the exposed coasts.
The meteorological and critical situation forecast for Italy is updated daily based on the new forecasts and the evolution of the phenomena, and is available on the website of the Civil Protection Department.