On November 20, a sperm whale was found dead on the shores of the Wakatobi National Park near Kapota Island, Indonesia. The body was around 9.5 meters long and inside the whale’s stomach officials found 6 kilos of plastic.

The plastic items ingested by this whale were 115 plastic drinking cups, 4 plastic bottles, 25 plastic bags and two pairs of flip-flops.
This is not the first whale discovered this year with large amounts of plastic inside its system and its discovery caused a lot of panic among the environmentalists and conservation organizations.
WWF gave the breakdown of the items found inside the whale.  “Hard plastic (19 pieces, 140g), plastic bottles (4 pieces, 150g), plastic bags (25 pieces, 260g), flip-flops (2 pieces), pieces of string (3.26kg) & plastic cups (115 pieces, 750g).”