The interaction between all cohabitants on the planet should be filled with love, care, respect, and kindness. The story of an Imgur user, Amscolie, an animal enthusiast and amateur wildlife rehabilitator, is a great example of this.

While in the yard, battening down the hatches amid an oncoming storm, Amscolie left the back door open. She intended to make a quick trip out in advance of the storm and was out looking for several baby deer that she had been watching over.
Her home is located near the woods, and if you live in or around any wooded area, you already know that in such a place, one has a fair share of run-ins with deer.
Yet, she didn’t find them, and just hoped they found a safe spot to survive the storm. When she went back into the house, she was shocked to see them resting quietly in her living room beside her couch.
Ascoli believes the three baby deer instinctively ran inside the open back door looking for a dry place to sleep. And she decided to lend them a helping hand.