To reverse depopulation, many small Italian villages throughout the country have lured in new residents by offering up aging homes for a few dollars, or less.

Yet, Italian nationals typically aren’t prepared to deal with the flood of calls from prospective buyers. The latest example was the town of Sambuca, which offered small homes in need of repair, which cost less than an espresso.
Suddenly, The Local reports, Sambuca’s leadership was inundated and overwhelmed with requests for more information on the specifics of the deal.
Now, other towns and villages are taking note and making it easier to cut through the red tape and purchase a bargain home.
Thr mayor of Zungoli — a rural village in the Campania region near Naples — told the local media that he has put together a special task force of young volunteers to handle and process inquiries from abroad.
Zungoli, tucked within southern Italy, features farm homes priced $1, but require renovation work. About 1,000 people live in the village, which is steeped in history–from its medieval bridges to its centuries-old mansions.