Madagascar – $1,505 per capita per year

The fourth largest island in the world has essentially low levels of economic activity.

The economy of Madagascar is mainly dependent on agriculture, with chief products being rice, tea, cotton, and dairy.

Eritrea – $1,410 per capita per year

Even though Eritrea has seen a degree of growth in its economy in recent years, the small country still ranks among the list of the world’s poorest countries.

The 80% of the population of Eritrea works in agriculture, while large percent of its GDP consists of remittance.

Guinea – $1,265 per capita per year

Guinea is located on Africa’s west coast and is a country very rich of natural resources. Although, Guinea’s low per capita GDP of $1,265 USD per year is mostly a result of poor management, corruption, and lack of safe infrastructure.

Mozambique – $1,215 per capita per year

Located in southern Africa, Mozambique has a per capita annual GDP of just $1,215.

It is considered one of the most corrupted countries, while it’s impossible for many workers to yield in order to make a profit, due to the lack of access to equipment

Malawi – $1,134 per capita per year

Located on the south-eastern edge of Africa, Malawi is a landlocked country.

The country’s economy is fragile, and over 85% of the country’s population lives in rural areas and depends on farming, whilst fights malnutrition.

Niger – $1,107 per capita per year

Even though the largest country in West Africa, Niger is mostly covered by the Sahara Desert, which limits the economic activities.

Liberia – $855 per capita per year

The economy of Liberia has depended heavily on foreign aid, while was also ravaged by the Ebola epidemic. With the employment rate to be as low as 15%,

..Liberia used to rely mainly on agricultural products, the price of some of which have decreased over time, making it harder to achieve a profit.

Burundi – $814 per capita per year

The landlocked African country has a history of strife and coupes that have consistently impeded its long-term prospects for development.

The vast majority of its population depends on subsistence agriculture, while over 80% of the country’s population lives under the poverty line.

Democratic Republic of the Congo – $773 per capita per year

The DRC has probably the most dysfunctional economic system in the world. It features rich natural resources, including diamonds and precious stones

Central African Republic – $652 per capita per year

The economy of the landlocked African country mainly dependent on the export of diamonds, which consists of the country’s about 40-55% export revenues.

Although it is estimated that half of them are sold on the black market, which results in denying the government of tax revenue.