The 91-years-old Grandma Agnes Kasparkova is an internet sensation because of her passion for flower painting. Despite her old age, Agnes doesn’t like the idea of sitting at home and not working at all.

That’s why at 91, she’s dedicated herself to hand painting her neighbor’s homes – and eventually transforming homes in the little village of Louka into one of the most stunning works of art.
Agnes used to be an agricultural worker, but she has retired a little over 30 years ago and she has been painting houses by hand since then.
She said that she has learned this skill from a late friend named Manakova, who used to do the same for free. Manakova taught her. Agnes humbly said that she is merely continuing what Manakova has started.
Mostly inspired by floral designs and having ultramarine shades, the hand-painted works of Agnes are truly intricate, refined, and breathtaking.

The houses in the village of Louka are commonly Moravian, and a Moravian house’s spare, white walls go perfectly well with Agnes’ detailed work.
It is said that one of the spots in the village she particularly likes painting is the village chapel. She spends 10 days just to beautify it during the month of May.

Since she has been doing this for 30 years, the grandma said that her age is already starting to make hand painting houses a little more challenging. Because of this, her hobby of updating her past work is only being done during the summer.