Alberobello, means the “Beautiful Tree”.

This is one of the most magical places in Italy. This amazing little town is located in the Metropolitan City of Bari in Apulia, southeastern Italy.
Been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage since 1996, Alberobello is a loved destination for many locals and visitors. The most impressive thing about this town is its characteristic stone houses located in the old town.
The landmark of the old town is the typical trulli, the dome-shaped roofs of the houses that form a unique scenery!
It is said that the houses were constructed that way because king Ferdinand I of Aragon forbade the peasants to build permanent houses, so they used stones without adding mortar to their constructions, in order to demolish team, if needed!
Of course, this lovely town is much more than these peculiar houses.
You can walk through the wonderful paved streets and enjoy the small stores with the local products and admire the wonderful sights and monuments!
But beware: the streets form a labyrinth and it is highly likely that you will get lost, so spot some stores and buildings in order to find your way back!
Do not miss the chance to see the beautiful churches of the town: the church of Sant’Antonio and the the Basilica of Medical Saints Cosma and Damiano are the most important religious sites of the area!
If you visit Alberobello in September, make sure that you stay for the Patronal Feast dedicated to Santo Cosma and Damiano.
Are you ready to plan the most amazing experience in your life?!