The heavy rains, warns the Civil Protection Hall of the Metropolitan City of Florence (Firenze), have raised the hydrometric levels of the main and secondary lattice in the territory of the Metrocitta of Florence .

The major problems are found on the road system, with widespread flooding, many roads are currently closed. The Civil Protection of the Metropolitan City of Florence advises you to travel if strictly necessary and not to stop near banks or banks.
The Arno is above the first level in Florence, reaching 3.50 meters on the embankment, due to the rains that are affecting most of the region since last night. The same Arno reached the second level in Incisa-Figline.
The Bisenzio river in San Piero a Ponti also exceeds the first guard level and the Ombrone in Poggio a Caiano (Prato) is already on the second level. Due to bad weather the Boboli Gardens at Palazzo Pitti in Florence were closed this morning.
Due to heavy rains in Via Bugiardini 21 in Florence a retaining wall collapsed inside an apartment building. Six parked cars were damaged. No one was injured.

The probable flood peak of the Arno at the “Firenze Uffizi” survey station is expected around 12 today, near or slightly lower than the second critical level (5.5 meters), however above the maximum recorded in the last 20 years.
In Florence over the last 24 hours more than 62.6 mm of rain fell and the gusts of wind touched up to 76 km/h. Sieve river at Ponte a Vico was overflowed, with the consequent closure of a section of the Colognolese road.