More than a hundred luxury Super Yachts and many simpler boats in an Italian port city were wrecked by a storm overnight leaving millions worth in damage.

The Local Italian media and blogs is defining the landscape around the port of Rapallo in the northern region of Liguria as an “apocalyptic”sight.
The catastrophe, which will reportedly cost millions to fix, started unraveling when the port’s dam collapsed due to the merciless weather.
It caused dozens of yachts and small to medium-sized boats to wash ashore.
“It’s impressive to see the yachts’ silhouettes strutting the darkness just as they’re bound to crash,” a witness said. Twenty-one people who had been trapped in the dam were saved by firefighters.
It comes as 11 people were reportedly killed as wild weather, caused by a combination of strong winds and high tides, rocked Italy up and down.