An Infectious Diseases and Immunology specialist has revealed that it’s not just your hands, fruit and vegetables and rings that you need to be careful with when it comes to COVID-19, but also your mobile phone.

Professor Nigel McMillan, from Griffith University, specialises in infectious diseases and the risk of transmission, as well as how the coronavirus compares to other diseases.
He told that while the virus can live on myriad surfaces, you need to be especially careful with your phone – on average, we touch 2,617 times daily.
Studies have found that coronavirus can survive on the kinds of smooth glass and plastic found in smartphones for up to nine days depending on the conditions.

‘COVID-19 can live on any surface and the more moist it is, the longer it will live there,’ Professor McMillan explained.

‘The safest thing to do is consider your phone an extension of your hand, so remember you are transferring whatever is on your hand to the phone.’
Every time you put your phone down somewhere or do something and then touch your phone, you should be cleaning it. Don’t put it down in random places.