The term acquired taste exists in many European languages and defines food whose qualities cannot be immediately appreciated for a variety of reasons. To enjoy such meals, people often have to make a deliberate effort to get their senses accustomed to a specific smell, taste, or texture.

One can assume that, at least from a biological view, all tastes are acquired except that of human milk, to which babies are instinctively drawn when they are born. Ironically, it is the only taste that has to be forcefully relinquished. Giving it up is an essential requirement in the process of growing up.
Milk appeared in nature specifically as food for babies. Therefore, it’s not a suitable source of nutrients for mammals. The animals that feast on milk in their infancy lose the ability to digest it after they reach maturity and become independent.
Being human, we have found a way to circumvent this evolutionary obstacle by adapting our digestive systems. But interestingly enough, we shun our own milk and prefer that of domesticated animals, to which we got accustomed simply by accident.

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