A weak jolt of earthquake magnitude, but very shallow, was felt in the middle of the night, at exactly 01:17 of today December 6, 2019, in the area of Naples.

According to official data from the INGV seismographs it was an earthquake of magnitude 2.8R, with a hypocenter located only 2 km deep. Epicenter located in Naples, in the area of Antiniana and therefore in the Campi Flegrei area. 

The quake was very superficial, considering only 2 km of depth: this allowed the quake to be clearly felt by the population within a radius of about 10-15 km.
Thousands of people have felt the earthquake between Naples, 
Pozzuoli and Quarto: they felt tremors and rumbles for a few moments, just enough to be woken up in the middle of the night. There is no damage to things or people.

So even though it was a weak earthquake, the shallow depth influenced a greater perception of the earthquake. This is an earthquake linked to the activity of the Phlegraean Fields, which we remember to be normal for this type of volcanic territory.