There were reports of a powerful earthquake in south Italy on Sunday (02h00), with witnesses saying it was felt in several Cities of Cental Italy.

According to Italy’s National Institute of Geophysics, the quake measured 4.2 (Richter scale) and its epicentre was km away from Norcia, in the province of Perugia.
The shock has also been felt in some areas until Amatrice and Rome.
No damage has been reported so far. Fire service said it had not received any requests for emergency rescues, but was preparing ground teams as a precaution.
Other shocks, lighter, have been reported during the night. The last, in chronological order, as reported by the National Institute of Geophysics, at 07:58 this morning, 5 klm from Norcia, where the earth shook 38 times.
Two other replicas of magnitude 3.2 and 2 occurred a few minutes after the most powerful in the same area and preceded yesterday evening by another four tremors of magnitude between 2.8 and 2 with epicenter instead near Trevi (Perugia).