EUROPE is to be hit by brutal temperatures with heat more than 10 degrees celsius about the May average. Temperatures are forecasted to reach 36 degrees.

Spain will be particularly hit by the heatwave with parts of Italy and much of Spain also facing the heat. The weather anomaly comes as millions in Spain hit the streets for the 1st time in six 6 after a death toll of more than 25,000.
Spanish weather expert César Ballesteros tweeted a map showing scorching heats across the country and said: “Zones with #TemperaturaMáxima foreseen equal or superior to 30ºC for the days of Monday 4, Tuesday 5 and Wednesday 6 of May.”
Italy can also expect high temperatures with towns such as Genoa reaching consistent highs of 26 degrees and Rome reaching 29 degrees throughout the week. Sicily, meanwhile, can expect highs of 28 degrees.