Italy’s hot summer is coming to an end, but not before a final hot Weekend.

Those frustrated with the torrid heat that has marked the Italian summer so far will be able to breathe a sigh of relief come Sunday, when temperatures will drop.
But not before this weekend sees some of the hottest weather this month, with mercury levels rising to 35°C throughout much of the peninsula.
Temperatures in the North are expected to exceed seasonal averages by 6°C.The region of Emilia-Romagna is forecast to reach highs of 35°C Saturday, with Central Italy between Tuscany and Le Marche experiencing peaks of 34°C and the Southern regions of Apulia and Basilicata temperatures of 32°C.
The heat will be brought in by an African anticyclone which is set to displace a cyclone in the Tyrrhenian Sea that has been causing bad weather in Central Italy.

By Tuesday the entire country will be experiencing cool autumnal weather that is likely to fall below seasonal averages, according to meteorologists.