A picture message is circulating widely on social media purporting to show in 1962, an Italian magazine published a story about what the world could look like in 2022.

Accompanying picture art shows a group of people traveling privately in a small, enclosed vehicle and maintaining some distance between each other.
The picture is real and it did appear in a 1962 Italian magazine. However, the context of the illustrative art was something different, not related to Coronavirus.
The photographic art is in circulation suggesting to show the post-COVID-19 world with the global need for social distancing and personal hygiene.

However, that is not the actual scenario.
The illustration art along with the summary caption did appear in Italian weekly newspaper La Domenica del Corriere, which ran from 1899 to 1989.

It, in fact, appeared on the back cover of the newspaper on 16th December 1962 edition. Some loose translation of the accompanying summary caption:
“Will we go around cities like this? Here’s how the problem of traffic in cities could be lightened, if not completely solved: tiny single-seater cars that occupy a small area…”