Italian olive oil benefits age! Of all countries, people from Italy are amongst the longest lived.  The average Italian women live to is 83; for a man to 77.

Add to that the fact that obesity in Italy is very low – only 8% of the population would be classed as clinically obese as opposed to 31% in North America, 23% in the UK and 13% even in other Mediterranean countries such as Spain.
Italian olive oil benefits quality of life! It’s not unusual in Italy to see people in their70s clad in Lycra riding their racing bikes up and down the 15% gradient hills.
Nor is it unusual to see men and women in their 80s and 90s working on the land, and walking miles up and down hills to the shops.
The presence of olives and olive oil has been one of the key constant factors in every study done since that original Keys’ work.  Don’t underestimate it!
Italian olive oil benefits health. A wide range of international studies have shown the health benefits of the extra Virgin olive oil in helping to reduce the incidence of heart disease and some cancers.
Other research has shown that the anti-inflammatory qualities of extra virgin olive oil can help with the treatment of common illnesses such as high blood pressure…