Today, more and more applicants for Italian Dual Citizenship

…are faced with the decision to apply in their country of residence, United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, etc. or to apply in Italy.
Assuming all eligibility requirements are met, you can technically only apply at the Italian Consulate that has jurisdiction over Province of your “Permanent Residence”.
However, you can establish residence in Italy and apply in-person, thus avoiding the long delays for appointments at the Italian Consulates outside of Italy.
Here are some words of caution in the event you decide to apply in Italy:
– You will have to establish permanent residency, which may have some fiscal and tax implications. Contact your accountant to learn more.
– You must apply at the Italian Town hall of the Comune where you are going to reside. You cannot rent an apartment in one town and apply in another.

– The application may require your non-Italian document translations be notarized by an Italian Consulate here in the U.S., or in a Court in Italy.

– To finalize your application, the Italian Town Hall will contact the Italian Consulate or Consulates where your family resided in the US or other countries of residence, to confirm that neither you nor your ascendants ever renounced to Italian citizenship.