ITALY’S Ministry of Health has issued a red weather alert in ten cities, including the much-loved tourist hotspots of Venice and Florence, warning people the 37.7C (100F) temperatures are a health threat.

There is no relief in sight for Italy as hot temperatures and high levels of humidity continue to impact almost the whole country.
Ten cities, all located in the centre and northern areas of the country, have received a “red mark” from the Ministry of Health, meaning people must be aware of the life-threatening risks they can incur if they underestimate the heat.
The list also include touristic cities such as Bologna, which was  hit by a tragic explosion which left two dead, as well as Florence, Genoa, Verona and Venice.

Among them there is Milan, where thermometers have hit 33C (91.4F), five more degrees than the average temperatures and three more than the one recorded…