Italy welcomes visitors from the European Union and Schengen area countries, without quarantine, from 3 June, as the country makes a tentative return to tourism following prolonged lockdown restrictions due to covid-19.

From today Italians will be able to travel to most EU and Schengen countries, with several exceptions including Greece which reopens its borders to Italy on 15 June.
Another major step for Italianse will be the removal of the restrictions prohibiting travel between Italian regions, opening up the possibility to go on holidays.
Until today movement between regions had been reserved for matters of urgency or necessity, proved by a self-certification form which is now no longer necessary.

Italy will place a strong emphasis on domestic tourism in a bid to revive the country’s key tourism sector. The national tourism agency said that around 40% of Italians traditionally travel abroad for their holidays, however this year many of them will choose to vacation at home, helping local businesses.