MOUNT Etna, the active volcano in Sicily, Italy and has been erupted last year petrifying a group of mountaineers climbing the 11 feet volcano.

The inter-crater eruption could only be seen from the top of the volcano as a video posted by mountaineers climbing the active volcano shows.
The footage shows the dramatic moment the active volcano started erupting.
Scientists have been warning the volcano is slowly pushing the volcano into the Sea sparking fears it could trigger cataclysmic landslides and tsunamies.Scientists from the Bulletin of Volcanology studying the volcano confirm it is slowly sliding in an east-south-east direction towards a small coastal town of Giarre.
The volcano is currently moving at an average pace of 14mm (0.55 inches) every year – but experts say this doesn’t immediately raise the risk of danger around the area.
The landscape surrounding Mount Etna is an ever-changing environment and more pressing issues are of a higher concern to scientists.