O Holy Child Jesus, who shed Your blessings on whoever invokes Your name, look kindly on us who kneel humbly before Your holy Image and hear our prayers.

We commend to Your mercy the many poor and needy people who trust in Your Divine Heart. Lay Your all-powerful hand upon them and help them in their needs.

Lay Your hand upon the sick, to cure them and sanctify their suffering;
upon those in distress, to console them;
upon sinners, to draw them into the light of your divine grace; upon all those who, stricken with grief and suffering, turn trustingly to You for loving help.
Lay Your hand also upon all of us and give us Your blessing.
O little King, grant the treasures of Your divine mercy to all the world, and keep us now and always in the grace of your love! Amen.

Holy Child Jesus,
have mercy on us,
we adore, bless and love You!