Almost 60 million people have been left effectively quarantined, with Italy being the 2nd-worst affected country to be struck by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The famous piazzas have fallen quiet, and people are remaining at home under restrictive measures. All shops apart from grocery stores and chemists have shut their doors, while sporting events and public gatherings have been halted.Despite the widespread disruption, many Italians have shown an incredible sense of solidarity, keeping the country’s spirit alive from their balconies.

Footage from Napoli and Siena show citizens leaning from their windows to sing with their neighbours. These videos reflect resilience and community during a time of great difficulty, and have left people all over the world deeply moved.
UNILAD caught up with one woman who is currently living under these quarantine conditions in Rome. At eight months pregnant, Valentina is now unable to visit her family in Siena where she is originally from.

However, although she cannot get there in person, Valentina has expressed great pride in the residents of her beloved hometown, whose strength has now become known throughout the world.

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