Rome celebrates its 2,774th birthday in 2021.
Known as Natale di Roma, the annual birthday celebration is based on the legendary founding of Rome by Romulus in 753 BC.

For the last two decades the event has been marked in Rome with the re-enactment of historical events and ancient rituals, gladiator fights, and a grand parade featuring more than 1,500 costumed participants.
However this year, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, these popular events – usually held over several days at the Circus Maximus – will not take place.
The pageant is organised each year by the Gruppo Storico Romano, an historical dramatic society which brings history to life by re-enacting battles, historic events, and displays of ancient theatre and dance in the city centre.
This year the group’s members – in full costume – are celebrating Natale di Roma online, with live performances and archive footage being screened each day on the Gruppo Storico Romano Facebook page.