Tossa de Mar is an absurdly beautiful vacation town in Catalonia, Spain.
It’s got clear blue water views, a variety of European cuisines, and for a limited time only, massive amounts of weird-ass sea foam.

A powerful storm blasted the region, turning the ocean into a tempest. That whipped up a thick blanket of sea foam that covered streets in Tossa de Mar, making everything look like a cartoon where someone used too much laundry detergent.
The high winds flung it high into the air, spreading it through entire apartment blocks. The videos of the foam overtaking the town are unreal. Imagine going on a resort vacation and waking up to this.
Seafoam is created when organic matter in seawater gets shaken up. It occurs naturally, put pollution from fossil fuels, sewage and detergents can make it thicker.

According to the National Oceanic Administration, it’s not generally harmful to humans and can actually be a sign of a healthy ecosystem, but there are exceptions when it comes to big algal blooms that decay near shore and release toxins.