You may not know it, but there are three different types of figs. They can be divided into categories by the time of year at which they mature!

The first figs are ready to be eaten in early summer and are called Fioroni.
They are much larger and juicier than the other types of figs which mature in late summer or autumn. Fioroni are a world apart, a thousand times more delicious than any other fruit I have ever tasted, sinfully luscious and sweet.
A curious thing about fig trees is that they are capable of producing all 3 types. Or rather, some trees will only produce fioroni, others only late summer figs and others only the late fall variety. However, some trees will produce fioroni one year and figs the next. In yet another variation, other very wonderful trees will surprise you by producing first fioroni and then figs as well. What bounty!
Fioroni are absolutely delicious eaten as is. There’s nothing better than the rustic pleasure of picking one straight off the tree and biting into the soft, fragrant fruit.