Tourists at the Trevi Fountain were so desperate to snap the perfect selfie that they began fighting until police arrived, a viral video has revealed.

A 19-year-old Dutch tourist came to blows with a 44-year-old Italian-American woman as they both fought to photograph the perfect selfie.
The two woman appear to hit each other repeatedly. The video was posted on Facebook by police who said the women punch and slapped each other.
8 people were involved and the video shows one man grabbing a woman and threatening to punch another as the melee escalated.
The fight have lasted just a few minutes as police arrived on the scene.
However, the fight broke out again before two more officers intervened and ended the brawl once and for all. The tourists suffered bruises from the incident, which took place on Wednesday. Both have been charged over the fight.

News of the “selfie spat” come just days after a Roman city councillor revealed officials were considering barring tourists from lingering at the monument to combat the fountain’s serious overcrowding, floating the idea of creating a route to pass it by.