From the West there are two new storms moving towards Italy that in the next hours will reach the north and the south regions of the country…

Bad weather is continuing to affect Liguria (70mm of rain), Varazze (57mm),  Rapallo (52mm), Arenzano (44mm). In Genoa already yesterday there were heavy rains.
In the next hours the bad weather will continue in the North / West, for the arrival of the new storm front will also affect the Côte d’Azur and will again reach Liguria.
But also in the South and in particulary Sicily, tomorrow we will have strong storms especially in the southern sectors and in the smaller islands of the Channel.
The most intense phenomena will hit Lampedusa, Pantelleria and Malta with violent thunderstorms, also coming from the western Mediterranean.
However, it will be a good weekend in the rest of Italy, in the North / East, throughout the Center and on most of the South, with few clouds, large sunny spaces and mild temperatures, always above + 20 ° C during the day.