ITALY NEWS: Mamma Bear and her 4 Cubs eat cherries in Abruzzo village

Bears came to eat cherries in an Italian village on the border of the national park.

Burrata Cheese, Figs & Cured Ham

Burrata cheese and figs, are very popular in Italian cuisine, especially in summer. And to balance their sweet flavor, we add some slices of dry-cured ham!

Italian Woman reunites with her Cat after 4 Years being Missing during Earthquake

An elderly lady has been reunited with her cat after losing it almost four years ago during an earthquake, and it’s the news we all need right now.

Italin Policeman adopts Puppy abandoned under hot sun

Happy ending for little dog left abandoned on Rome street.

Italian Policeman Adopts Puppy Abandoned Under Hot Sun

A police officer in Rome, Italy recently adopted a dog that he found tied to a post baking in the scorching heat.

IKEA Store in Italy Opens Its Doors to Homeless Dogs to Sleep Inside

Stray dogs in Catania, Italy now have a leisurely, safe, and comfortable place to hang out...

The tiny Baby who fought & won Coronavirus

Tracy Maguire remembers the moment she saw doctors insert a swab into her three-week-old baby's nose to test for coronavirus.

The collapsed Genoa Bridge in Italy is about to reborn

The last part of Genoa's new road bridge is being moved into place and will be in position.

Italy among the Most welcoming Places in the World

It comes as no surprise that Italy, which is one of the most popular destinations in the world has been included on the list with most welcoming places!

Glass Boxes on Italy’s beaches this summer?

Rimini lifeguards against "chicken coop" boxes on the beach.

Welcome to Italy

10 Places in Italy to Live Happy for Ever

Italy is a magical country that every person is dreaming to live in it one day.

Best of Italy

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