The Sicilian Waterslide That Drops You into the Sea

If you're looking for the tallest waterslide in Europe, visit Sicily.

Swan ‘Dies Of A Broken Heart’ after yobs destroy Nest and Kill unborm Cygnets

Animal activists say a swan has 'died of a broken heart' after her unborn cygnets were killed when yobs destroyed their nest.

Italy confirms Travel between all Regions restarts from June 3rd

The Italian government has confirmed that unrestricted travel between regions can restart from June 3rd as planned, with health experts urging caution.

Watch Andrea Bocelli sing ‘Ave Maria’ on TODAY

The famed Italian tenor marks Memorial Day with a solo performance of “Ave Maria” on TODAY as part of our Citi Concert Series.

Italy will be Open to tourists again on June 3

Italy to allow free movement across its regions and unrestricted travel to and from EU countries in the Schengen Area.

A heart-shaped Coud on the top of Etna volcano

As if the great Sicilian volcano wanted to give us a message ❤️

China must Close down ‘wet Markets’ NOW

China markets are STILL selling bats and slaughtering cats & dogs.

Scientists claim they found FORTY (40) mutations of Coronavirus

Scientists in Iceland claim they have found FORTY mutations of the coronavirus – and admit seven cases can be traced back to 'a football match in England'.

Coronavirus Deaths in ITALY falls for 2nd day in a row

"Light at the end of the tunnel," says Lombardy regional health counselor.

The Coronavirus in Europe (MAP)

The COVID-19 coronavirus continues to spread in Europe.

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