China must Close down ‘wet Markets’ NOW

China markets are STILL selling bats and slaughtering cats & dogs.

Scientists claim they found FORTY (40) mutations of Coronavirus

Scientists in Iceland claim they have found FORTY mutations of the coronavirus – and admit seven cases can be traced back to 'a football match in England'.

Coronavirus Deaths in ITALY falls for 2nd day in a row

"Light at the end of the tunnel," says Lombardy regional health counselor.

The Coronavirus in Europe (MAP)

The COVID-19 coronavirus continues to spread in Europe.

Venice empties as Coronavirus spreads in Italy 😢

Outbreak triggers new crisis as city struggles to recover from November’s severe floods!

Italian Strawberry & Limoncello Tiramisu

Try this amazingly delicious Italian strawberry and limoncello tiramisu to beat the dull weather and taste Italian summer all year round!

Italy remembers Kobe Bryant, the NBA Legend ‘Made in Italy’

Italy is the country where the basketball legend Kobe Bryant spent much of his childhood and that he said was always in his heart.

Chocolate Dipped Cheesecake Bites

These little dreamy bites are outrageous! Just be sure to freeze your squares solid before dipping! I found my chocolate bark at Target and it worked perfectly!

Iran ADMITS that Boeing 737 was Shut Down by a Missile (VIDEO)

Iran on Saturday admitted that it shot down Ukrainian passenger jet killing 176, thinking it was a cruise missile!

Bubbles – The Smallest mobile Wine Bar in Italy 😊

Patti Genko, a professional voice actor who runs a PR and marketing firm, has announced the launch of her new company, “Bubbles Mobile Bar.”