Finally, an emoji app for every Italian gesture. Download Italian Emoji and get the very best Italian emoji and gifs to text friends and family.

Italian Emoji’s full app for sharing to social networks also includes Chat Head for your convenience. Italians are world-famous for using their hands when they speak.

Now you can send messages to your family and friends and express how you really feel using the Italian Emoji app!

Italian Emoji is the ultimate emoji app for Italians:

Italian themed emojis and gifs. Have your message conversations the Italian way using emojis and gifs such as the famous ‘Ma Che Cazzo’ hand gesture, Nonna’s ‘Disgraziatu ca támmazzu’, or Nonno’s ‘Vaffanculo’.

The Italian Emoji app can be used in all your favorite messaging apps – iMessage, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp Instagram, Snapchat, and more. The app is easy-to-use and even remembers your most-used emojis

You’ve just rolled home after eating a 5-course lunch at Nonna’s house, do you really want to type out a whole message? Send your Nonna the meatball emoji when you’re ready for dinner. Problem solved!