Lefkada is a beautiful Greek island in the Ionian Sea.

It has some of the most wonderful beaches in the world and if you want to see all the shades of blue then you should pay a visit.
There is a beach in Lefkadawhich is really famous for the blue color of their waters and the sandy, white beach which creates an absolutely breathtaking Landscape.
Of course it is about the beautiful beach of ย Egremni in southwest Lefkada, which is an impressive beach overlooking all the shades of blue.
This island is certainly a treasure of the nature. There are beaches, coves and lakes, destinations and landscapes that you won’t find anywhere in the world.
There are many locations in Lefkada where the view of the Ionian waters is magical and despite the difficult access, the white sand, which contrasts with the turquoise waters, create an ideal landscape for relaxing under the sun.
With a natural scenery that reminds you of an exotic place, the 2 km coast is not a coincidence that every year it fills in the travel websites and magazines lists with the most beautiful beaches in the whole world.